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HA and DRS Audit v1.1 by Alan Renouf (http://virtu-al.net) generated on S6410
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vCenter vCenter4

General Details

Number of Clusters: 1
Number of Hosts: 2
Number of VMs: 15
Active VMs: 2
In-active VMs: 13

Clusters Cluster Details

General details of the current clusters attached to this vCenter

The following sections will detail all best practices for each cluster

Clusters CLUSTER: vm4ru

Summary of Details

DRS Enabled True
HA Enabled: True
Total CPU Resources: 6 Ghz
Total Memory: 5 GB
Number of Hosts: 2
Total Migrations using vMotion: 7

vSphere HA Details

Admission Control Allow constraint violations
Current Failover Capacity: N/A
Configured Failover Capacity: N/A

vSphere DRS Details

Migration Automation Level Manual
Power Management Automation Level: False
Migration Threshold: Apply recommendations with 3 or more stars.
DRS Recommendations:

ClustersHost Build Details

It is recommended against using a mixed cluster with different build numbers, see page 21